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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rescue Rangers

I received a message from Jamie with a great idea for the Autumn round and future rounds of the Secret Pals. Her idea is to create a group of Rescue Rangers, a voluntary list of Secret Pals who will rescue a stranded pal at the end of the round.

By registering, you will be put on a list in case someone is stranded. You will put together a package at the start of the round with a value between $5 and $10. If you are notified with a Rescue Assignment, all you need to do is pop the package in the mail. If not, hang on to that package for a future day.

Since this is voluntary, and a swap extra, if you register but later cannot send out a Rescue Package, it will not result in being inducted into the Hall of Shame.

Please only register if you sincerely wish to help out and know that you will be able to put together a rescue package and mail it when called upon for a Rescue Assignment.

To register, fill out this simple form to become a Rescue Ranger!


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