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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Thank You Protocol

Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering, "Did my Known SP post a thank you to the board?" Our thread can get large and messy, which is why a new protocol for thanking your Unknown SP has come about. It also should make my coordinating a little easier, too LOL!

First, send a thank you e-mail to your Unknown SP when you receive a package from them. This means that Known SPs should provide their anonymous e-mail account to their receiving pal. In order to save sending the same message twice, use the "Cc" feature on your e-mail to send a copy to me. That way I'll know, too, that the package was received and a thank you was sent.

Second, you post a thank you to the forum, using the original registration thread. Within your post you can link us to your blog or the group's blog.

The group blog is primarily for those who don't have their own blog, but it's also a great place to post ideas, thoughts, suggestions—anything on topic of secret pals—to share with the group.

Aren't E-mail Savvy?

If you are uncertain how to use the "Cc" feature on your e-mail application,
click on these images which are screen shots to use as a guide.


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