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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Volunteer Needed

I am looking for a volunteer!

Well, sort of a volunteer !

I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind being assigned to me as their Known Pal for the Autumn Round. In other words the round wouldn't be very secretive, but we could still have a lot of fun .

If you are interested in being the volunteer needed send me a message expressing your interest. Be sure to send your message no later than July 15th, the end of the swap.

Sorry, but this won't automatically reserve you a spot in the Autumn Round. (I know, I am terribly mean )

If more than one person wishes to volunteer I'll select by random drawing who gets the position. It feels strange picking someone who will basically be sending stuff to me, so I'm passing the decision on to you, and then letting randomness decide if needed.

It's easier for me to get this figured out now than to wait and attempt to figure it out during sign-ups and then during matching for assignments.

I appreciate your help!


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