Crochetville Secret Pals

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Finish Line

A little records keeping to make sure that those who have successfully completed the Summer Round are properly acknowledged. I will update this list daily.

1. Alison --> Janet
2. Janet --> Traci
3. Lori --> Anna
4. Lynn --> Cris
5. Samantha --> Heidi
6. Traci --> Jamie
7. Kathy --> Sue
8. Kim --> Lori
9. Robin --> KnicKnac
10. Darlene --> Debi
11. Barb --> Stephanie
12. Lauren --> Theresa
13. Joanne --> Linda
14. Karla --> Donna
15. Linda --> Darlene
16. Jamie --> Jeanine
17. KnicKnac --> Fe
18. Vicki --> Tricia
19. Theresa --> Lauren
20. Tiffany -->Ann
21. Ann --> Renee
22. Michela --> Vicki
23. Neta --> Lynn
24. Lene --> Kim
25. Stephanie --> Barb
26. Frann --> Kathy
27. Jeanine ---> Alison
28. Tricia --> Michela
29. Debi --> Joanne F
30. Ulla --> Joanne R
31. Juli --> Karla
32. Sue --> Frann
33. Joanne F --> Lene'
34. Fe --> Ulla
35. Ulla --> Fe
36. Renee --> Tiffany
37. Cris --> Neta
38. Heidi --> Kiki
39. Donna --> Juli
40. Anna --> Tangie (MIA)
41. Tangie (MIA) --> Robin [rescued]
42. Margaret --> Niesha
43. Niesha --> Margaret

If you have sent your reveal package to your Known SP and it has been received but your name isn't listed here, please let me know.

Friday, July 28, 2006

You're Welcome, Donna

Goodness, I had been waiting ALL week to get an email from my SP to see how she liked her Reveal, and come to find out she posted HERE way back on Tuesday that she received it Monday! Glad you liked it, Donna! It was fun to be your SP and to give you that final reveal. I had to give you that Tweety sleeper for the little baby you're dreaming of. Dreams do come true so you have to live as if you expect that! :)

To our hostess, I was going to see about editing the template so our right column over there would pull back up to the top. Seems the "Poll" is too wide and therefore being pushed down to the bottom of the blog. If you'll reduce the number on the margins of that poll, it should shift back up to the top. Let me know if you need help with that and I'll be happy to help! :)

Now off to email Donna PERSONALLY to let her know I saw this post! :)

Hostess' Note

Thanks for noticing that the poll was out of margins. I use Firefox and for me it was appearing normal. When I viewed it in IE, then I saw the problem. It should be fixed.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My reveal package

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my secret pal Karla (tcsgirl). I got your reveal package yesterday and my goodness! So many wonderful things were there! I have to take a pic of it, but what I remember are as follows:

A super soft skein of yarn
A crossword puzzle book (thank you so much, I just finished my last one)
A little purse-sized organizer
Some mints
and the thing that really stood out to me was a wrapped package that had a note which read "for your future."

I was a little baby's jumper with a Tweety Bird on the front. I was instantly in tears and my hubby who usually only grunts when I'm opening my packages started "ooohing and ahhhing" all over it. Thank you so much! Now we just have to pray for a little baby that can wear it!

Thanks so much Karla! You were a great secret pal!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

reveal package

...has arrived. Here's a photo of it:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it's from my SP, KNICKNAC. in the package were 4 balls of sugar and cream yarns in maroon and 4 balls of summer. included too are these pink mesh bag and a yarn cutter pendant. the 4 small packs of candies are gone, which i gave away to my cousin and friends.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Secret Pal

A big thank you to my secret pal for the wonderful e-cards I keep getting. They always seem to come when I need them! I can't wait to get my reveal package and find out who you are! You're the best!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

reveal package received

My summer secret pal is no longer so secret thanks to this reveal package sent by GA_Rebel of Crochet Adventures. She's been an awesome secret pal. She was great about keeping in contact and her packages always made me happy.

100_0203 originally uploaded by lynn.szwalkiewicz.

Her reveal package included 3 skeins of yarn, a cross stitch kit, some pattern fliers, a Novelty Yarn Locker Hooking Hats and Scarves leaflet, a Leasure Arts Swanky Suede to Crochet leaflet, some really pretty blue themed fimo beads, and some silvery inspirational beads (which are just screaming bookmark tassle beads to me). Thank you so much for everything and for making this secret pal round so much fun!

original blinkie by kabo0dles at livejournal - hands off!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Woo Hoo!!!

Look! I just received my 3rd Package from my Super Secret Bud, Theresa (Crochet Fanatic).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful things you have sent me. I am completely floored that you made me a felted bag and a scarf and say that you still have something to finish for me. Your generosity astounds and inspires me. You have been so kind and so thoughtful.

I loved being your secret pal. I had so much fun coming up with new (stole)and not so new (hook case)ideas for you. Thanks for making this such a great first swap experience.

Take care,

Volunteer Needed

I am looking for a volunteer!

Well, sort of a volunteer !

I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind being assigned to me as their Known Pal for the Autumn Round. In other words the round wouldn't be very secretive, but we could still have a lot of fun .

If you are interested in being the volunteer needed send me a message expressing your interest. Be sure to send your message no later than July 15th, the end of the swap.

Sorry, but this won't automatically reserve you a spot in the Autumn Round. (I know, I am terribly mean )

If more than one person wishes to volunteer I'll select by random drawing who gets the position. It feels strange picking someone who will basically be sending stuff to me, so I'm passing the decision on to you, and then letting randomness decide if needed.

It's easier for me to get this figured out now than to wait and attempt to figure it out during sign-ups and then during matching for assignments.

I appreciate your help!

thank you to you SP!

for the package. you just send the cap and scarf at the right time. hopefully i'll be leaving for a training in South Korea. i just got my package today as i check out from the hospital to accompany my mother in her operation.

here are the other great items that my SP sent me:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

aside from the scarf and hat i also got a set of crochet hooks D-K, 4 balls of peaches and cream cotton yarn, a purse in violet, and a pack of stitch markers.
thank you so much SP for making my days a little brighter.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I wanted to let you all know that my wonderful sp, Lauren, sent me her reveal package last week, but I am currently out of town on vacation, so I can't post pics right now!! She has been so wonderful, and I couldn't have had more fun with this swap! I will post pics as soon as possible!! Thanks Lauren!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Traci is my Secret Pal Part Two!!!

Okay, allow me to continue! You thought I was kidding when I said there was alot of stuff in this package didn't you.

To show you just how thoughtful Traci is, she didn't just think of me, she remembered Nicky and The Girls (my dog and two cats). Nicky got two chewy bones, his own magnet and a dog tag that's engraved with "The King" (too cute, too cute!) and the Girls each got their own catnip mousie and a magnet too!

This is the real treat though, she made me this gorgeous shawl! She posted a picture of it on the 'Ville modelled by two of her beautiful daughters and I'm glad she did, try as I might I couldn't get a good picture, I was losing daylight fast! The only word I can think of to describe this shawl is "gossamer", it is so light and airy!!! Soooo soft, truly! And such a lovely shade of lilac too!

Traci, you really are the best! I can't thank you enough, you have made this a real joy for me. I really hope that you and I can keep in touch and I know I'll never forget this swap, you definitely made it memorable!

Traci is my Secret Pal!!

I got my Secret Pal reveal gift today from TRACI!!! There were so many things in this package I couldn't fit them all in one picture! She sent me bunches of yarn in lovely purples, I'm going to make an afghan out of the Bernat and maybe a face cloth out of the Peaches & Cream cotton. There were 22 pattern sheets for everything from scarves to sandals, she included a binder for them and the little re-inforcing rings for hole punches! There were two pattern booklets, one for afghans and one for handbags and a new crochet hook too!

In this set of pictures below, you can see the lovely bath pouf and footie scrubbie/pumice brush. There's some wonderful lotion and a great smelling candle too. The "I love Michigan" cup is going to remind me of her everytime I use it, and you see that little jar at the bottom of the first picture? That's HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM!!! Woot!! In the second picture here there are some quilters quarters, perfect for the borders on the wall quilt I'm making, a cute little sewing kit to carry in my purse, a pompom maker (neat!) A really pretty picture frame, and notecards with my initial on them. She sent a purple sharpie pen and some sticky notes in the shape of my initial too!

Hmm, I think I'm only allowed four pictures in a post! That means I'll just have to show you the rest in my second post.