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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Theme Idea

I was thinking to make the Autumn Round of Secret Pals more interesting that a theme could be applied. I'd appreciate your vote to help decide which theme you are most interested in, if you would like a theme at all.

I'd also like your comments if the theme should be voluntary or mandatory.

In order for a theme to apply, I'd like to have at least 25 votes cast. If there are fewer than 25 then a theme will not apply to the round.

Brief descriptions about some of the proposed themes:

Autumn: Pretty self-explanatory

Unbirthdays: From Alice in Wonderland in which any day that is not your birthday is your Unbirthday! Ways in which to send items for this theme would be to send a birthday card, wrap stuff in birthday gift wrap, and basically pretend it is your Known SP's birthday.

Favorite Animal:
Once you know what your Known SP's favorite animal is, then try to make a majority of your gifts to them be of that animal, maybe even crocheting them a critter or making them a filet.

Halloween: See description for Autumn


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