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Friday, June 16, 2006

The spoilments continue!

My secret pal: Lonestranger has been just the best, she emails and sends me cards frequently. She seems to be a psychic as far as knowing what I would not just 'like' but stuff that I am just bonkers over. Thanks so much Lonestranger!

I was so suprised by the birthday package I really didn't expect much more...
Lonestranger has been very thoughtful and generous.
But I must admit, my very favorite part of the package was a beautifully worded hand written letter telling me about the things she included, and just so she knows: Nope, I'm not sick of Riesens yet LOL
The hand dyed wool is just beyond cool and I don't know what she used on it but it smells really good and not fruity at all! The Adrienne Vittadini is the most gorgeous plum and totally scrumptious. The pattern books are just too cool, I adore the 'old' patterns the most.
Thank you Lonestranger!


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