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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Going to Module

Your friendly SP Coordinator will be out of town from Tuesday, June 6th, until Sunday, June 11th!

The reason being that I have classes to attend for my graduate program. The program meets at a hotel for 5 days. It's rather non-traditional, but a lot of fun and it's educational, too!

Anyhow, though I have access to a laptop to take, the hotel charges $10 a day to connect to their wi-fi and I don't know of any place that has a free wi-fi connection to use.

My DH assures me that he'll check my e-mail periodically and relay to me any pertinent messages that I should be aware of. I should be able to convince him to send out a reply if necessary.

You're all doing such a great job that I don't think my absence will be noticed too much ! I'll miss not being able to check in each day, but I'll be able to catch up once I return.

~ Lori


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