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Saturday, June 24, 2006

And my SP sent me ANOTHER package!

I'm in awe, I never expected to get this much! And my SP says she still has her reveal package to go! What can I say she has gone above and beyond what I would have thought I would get.

The latest package (with another of those great handwritten letters) had 6 skeins of yummy PURPLE mohair blend yarn, along with a shawl pattern book to make something beautiful. The patterns in it are very unique and look like fun to crochet. There's bathtea, some more of that homemade soap that I just adore, and some Olay body lotion. More Riesens YAY! She also made me some really cute slippers that she thought were goofy. My dogs love the pom poms when I walk across the floor, they think it's a new dog toy. I of course put them on immediately.
She also included a pattern book of slippers that had some really cool ones in it and another pattern book with wearables and a leaflet of afgans.

All I can say is WOW!!!
And a big thank you to Lonestranger~


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