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Friday, May 12, 2006

What This Blog Is For

You can use this blog as you see fit as long as it pertains to Secret Pals. In other words, I will have to bring out my editing powers and remove those posts that aren't on topic, which I'd rather not do because then I feel like a slimey toad.

You can post pictures of what you've received from your Unknown SP here, too. And make announcements like: "I heard from my Unknown SP and she's great!"

You can post your thank-you's for gifts and things received from your Unknown SP.

You will not want to post what you have given to your Known SP because that will spoil the surprise. This seems a bit obvious once it is mentioned. Remember: Think stealth. For the next three months you will have a secret identity and live under a cover of darkness.

You can also ask questions hoping that another more seasoned Secret Pals will answer. We have a number of people who are new to being an SP but are experienced with other swaps. This is a different type of swap and in order for you to have a great time, be sure to ask those stupid questions! I totally understand that there are some aspects to this secret pal thing that are still mysterious to me, and I've been doing them at C'Ville for awhile, plus did something similar with a different group years ago.

I'm thinking of creating a FAQ about being a Secret Pal because there are many repeated questions that come up. So I will be working on that during this round. If you can think of questions that would be helpful to have on the list, please send them to me.

This is your blog. I'm just here to make sure it doesn't turn completely chaotic. So post away and have fun!


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