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Friday, May 19, 2006

Thank you, thank you

Thank you Cant Tellu for the great e-card today. We got a kick out of it (the music brought my 2 chillies running from their TV show!!!). Thanks so much for all of the great questions I enjoyed taking the time to answer them. Sorry to be MIA from this blog, I kind of forgot about it. (I am currently hanging my head in shame.)

Speaking of questions... Has anyone seen the One Skein Secret Pal swap questions? I think they're kind of nifty, I may try to post my answers to them this weekend on my blog. I've run across them on the Crochet by Faye blog and the Crochet me blog. Kind of a neat getting to know you for the group, dontcha think? Anyone else care to join in on answering?


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