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Saturday, May 13, 2006

How Do I Get Started?

This post is for the 53% of you who are new to being a Secret Pal. I will do my best to give a tutorial on the beginning process. If I overlook something I hope to catch my mistake(s)!

On May 15th when all assignments are finalized, you may make first contact with your Known SP. To do this:

  • You can send them an anonymous e-card or an e-mail. A digression here as there are a few things about e-cards you may want to know.

    You will want to use your secret e-mail address as all require a sender's e-mail. Plus, they will ask for your real name. You can simply put "Your Secret Pal" as the real name. Or you can be creative and adopt an identity, like Anon E. Muss, Mystery Pal, etc.

  • If you choose to send an e-mail, make sure that in your settings you have changed your sender's name to your secret name or identity, otherwise it will show up in their Inbox with your real name, and then you'll be secret no more! (Gasp!) Internet-based e-mail accounts are easier to change than using Outlook or Outlook Express, but the idea is still the same. If you need assistance in changing your settings I will help you.

  • Snail mail options for making first contact. You can send a postcard or notecard to their mailing address introducing yourself.

  • The least popular option for making contact is psychic connection because often you give yourself away inadvertantly as it is hard to block your real identity when using mental telepathy. LOL!

You will want to give a basic introduction of yourself, but don't spill the beans about who you are. It is best to say a little bit about yourself so you aren't totally mysterious. Ask questions to find out more about them as this will help you to make a connection. Find commonalities or similar interests, likes and dislikes, etc. That's why I ask you to say what your favorite TV shows are, animals, etc. I did try to match many of you based on that information.

If you have specific questions, just put them in the comments. I will try to answer them, or hopefully some of the seasoned Pals will answer, too (hint, hint).


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