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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Help! I Accidentally Revealed Myself!

What to do when best laid plans meet reality!

The stuff that nightmares are made of:

  • You sign your real name to a message to your Known SP!
  • You post a comment on their blog and it posts your real identity!
  • Your e-mail settings post your real name giving you away!

Seasoned SP's can attest to the fact that we've all experienced the dreaded Accidental Reveal.

So what happens next? I can assure you that the fabric of the space-time continuum remains intact and that the world, indeed, does not end, and neither does the fun of the swap!

If you accidentally reveal yourself to your Known SP, maybe they won't notice, so "say nothing, act casual."

If your Unknown SP accidentally reveals themself to you, "say nothing, act casual."

What does "say nothing, act casual" mean, really? What it means is, unless it is blatantly obvious that an Accidental Reveal has occurred, let it slide, which is my personal philosophy. Now, if it is rather obvious, you can both take it in stride. Example being, on the second day of a particular round of SPs, my Unknown SP commented on my blog and accidentally revealed herself. Henceforth she became my "Not-So-Secret Pal" and we joked about it and had a blast.

Have you noticed that commenting on your Known SP's blog can give you away? Yes, this is something of a trap because many comment features on a blog require you to log-in or has a cookie associated with it to remember who you are.

How do you thwart the dastardly commenting trap? With services like Blogger, create an anonymous user account which you will only use for your Known SP's blog. For services like Haloscan comments which use cookies, make sure you erase the automatically inputed information before submitting the comment. Most offer a preview setting to check out what you will post.


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