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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fun With Statistics!

The questionnaire you all completed automatically compiles user statistics for me and I like to share them because it gives us a bit of a snapshot about our group. (Can you tell I am a grad student who has taken courses in statistics for future professional application?)

In most cases I will only post the top 3 percentages.

Which age group do you belong to?
2.4% are 18-25
38.1% are 25-35
31.0% are 35-45
16.7% are 45-55
9.5% are 55+

Please pick the description that best describes you
19%: I am a newbie to all types of swapping
33.3%: I am a seasoned veteran of the Secret Pal swaps
47.6%I am new to the Secret Pal swaps, but have done other exchanges

What level of crocheting experience do you consider yourself to be?
Advanced: 21.4%
Beginner: 9.5%
Expert: 4.8% _
Intermediate: 35.7%
Intermediate-Advanced: 26.2%

What are some of your other hobbies?
Movie watching/movie going: 40.5%
Sewing: 38.1%
Beadwork: 28.6%
Home decorating: 28.6%

What type of patterns or pattern books are you interested in?
Wearables (Sweaters, Scarves, Hats): 64.3%
Afghans: 54.8%
Home decor: 50%

What type of hooks do you use or prefer?

Boye: 66.7%
Susan Bates: 47.6%
Clover Soft Touch: 21.4%
Bamboo: 21.4%

What yarn type do you prefer?
Worsted weight: 92.9%
DK or Sport weight: 66.7%
Natural fiber (Cotton, wool, alpaca, silk, etc): 73.8%
Acrylic: 57.1%

What type of yarn do you NOT want?

Fun fur: 59.5%
Novelty yarns (Eyelash, ribbon, etc.): 28.6%
Chunky: 14.3%
Sock yarn: 14.3%

Do you do thread crochet?
Yes: 64.3%

What type of thread do you prefer?
Size 10: 50%
Aunt Lydia's: 33.3%
DMC Traditions: 26.2%

What supplies do you need, want, or desire?
Pattern books: 76.2%
Stitch markers: 57.1%
Tote or carry bag: 45.2%

What handmade crocheted items are you interested in receiving?
Shawl: 57.1%
Other: 50%
Doily: 47.6%
Socks: 47.6%

What kind of sweets do you like?
Chocolates: 61.9%
Chocolate with nuts: 47.6%
Chocolate with caramel: 33.3%

What type of coffee do you like?
Ground: 35.7%
Flavored: 26.2%
Medium roast: 21.4%

What type of tea do you like?

Bagged tea: 42.9%
Black tea (varietals such as Irish breakfast, Earl Grey): 42.9%
Herbal (Contains no tea, only herbs: 40.5%

I always find it funny how Fun Fur is the least popular yarn! Why do they make the stuff? And of course chocolate comes out as the most popular candy LOL!


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